Are You Guilty of Bruxing?

Do you wake up with a headache or even a sore jaw or sore teeth? You may have nighttime bruxism, grinding your teeth in your sleep.
Grinding your teeth is very damaging and can cause increased sensitivity as well as loosening of your teeth. Neither outcome is desirable – but how do you prevent nighttime bruxism? Remove stress from your life and relax, then also see your dentist to be fitted for a custom made night guard. Custom night guards made in a lab are more effective than store bought versions. It may cost you a bit up front, but you will save thousands by preventing fractured teeth and loose teeth. Both fractured teeth and loose teeth would need restorative care such as a root canal and crown or possibly extraction and a dental implant.
So try to relax (yeah, right) and get yourself a custom night guard to help protect your teeth from bruxism.


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