Can Running Be Harmful To Your Oral Health?

Many people run for exercise, fun, to relieve stress, or to train for competitive events. While running is good for your overall health, it could be indirectly harming your oral health. Runners often drink sugary sports drinks and eat power bars to carb up for long runs. This influx of sugar can change the Ph in the mouth, making it more acidic.
Runners also often breath through their mouths, which decreases saliva and dries out the mouth. Saliva is your mouth’s best friend, acting as a protective barrier for teeth. Combining the sugary drinks with a decrease in saliva and dry teeth leads to an increase in erosion and cavities.
A simple way to combat this would be to drink water during your runs or to brush your teeth after a run during which you consumed sports drinks.
Scientists are testing a line of special rinses and toothpastes to be used before a run, as a means of prevention.


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