Chocolate Toothpaste – The Latest in Luxury Dental Care

I know I can’t be the only one who wishes there were more flavor choices available for toothpaste other than mint, fresh mint, mint blast, bubble mint etc. Theodent has developed a new toothpaste which harnesses a component of the cacao plant. This patented substance, known as Rennou is 100% safe for ingestion and replaces the fluoride normally found in toothpaste. Rennou , when combined with other minerals, strengthens the enamel of human teeth. So why not brush with a toothpaste that is non-toxic and doesn’t come with a safety warning? Sounds like a good thing to me- until you get to the price tag – the most concentrated version of Theodent will cost you $100 for one tube! There are, thankfully, other options available through Theodent. You can opt for the “Classic” version and still get that yummy chocolatey taste for a mere $10 a tube. Normally I would laugh at $10 toothpaste, but compared to the $100 tube, that is a bargain. I am tempted to order a tube for myself to give it a try.


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