Have You Ever Wondered Why You Have

Morning breath: your worst enemy in the early hours of the day. Why does it smell SO BAD? You brushed your teeth, flossed and rinsed the night before, so why in the world does your mouth smell like the marsh at low tide?
Even with brushing, flossing and rinsing, you can’t get rid of all bacteria in your mouth. They are hiding between teeth, in the folds of your tongue, and also in your saliva. Any bits of food left in your mouth will also greatly encourage the growth of bacteria.
When you sleep and your saliva levels dip (especially if you are a mouth breather), the bacteria in your mouth are no longer being washed away and they go nuts. By the time you wake up 6-8 hours later all of those bacteria have your mouth smelling like a trash dump fermenting in the hot summer sun.
Your only escape is to thoroughly brush your teeth and tongue every morning to flush out the bacteria taking residence in your beautiful mouth. Just rinsing with mouthwash isn’t an option- you must also brush or you will have the lingering stench of morning breath tinged with mint following you around all day.


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