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Peri-Implantitis Charleston, SC

Dental implants are popular and effective solutions for missing teeth that improve your oral health with a more permanent, natural-looking tooth replacement that’s more comfortable than traditional dentures. However, if you’re feeling any kind of discomfort or have concerns about your dental implants, you might be experiencing peri-implantitis. The periodontists at Periodontal Associates in Charleston, SC are here to help you get back to normal. 

What is Peri-Implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is the inflammation of the tissues around dental implants. This treatable condition can cause significant issues because it is degenerative in much the same way as periodontal disease (gum disease) which is why it is always good to address it as early as possible.

Do I Have Peri-Implantitis?

Signs to look for include:

  • Swelling and inflammation around implant
  • Excessive bleeding or soreness when brushing or flossing
  • Implant looseness or wriggling
  • Bad taste or odor, resulting from the infection which causes inflammation
  • Discomfort when chewing or biting

Peri-implantitis is treatable but, as with any infection, timing is crucial to prevent unnecessary complications and reduce the risk of needing a second implant done. 

What Causes Peri-Implantitis? 

Peri-implantitis is generally caused by bacteria. There are a few ways this can happen:

  • Poor oral hygiene that allows bacteria to grow near the implant
  • Improperly fitted implants that create gaps for bacteria to enter and grow, causing infection
  • Implants that have loosened, creating space around the gum line for bacteria to grow

How is Peri-Implantitis Treated?

There are surgical and non-surgical treatments for peri-implantitis, depending on the extent of the condition.

  • Professional cleaning of the implant surface and surrounding tissues to remove bacterial deposits and biofilm.
  • Mechanical debridement using special instruments to remove plaque and calculus from the implant surface.
  • Antibiotics and antimicrobial rinses to help reduce bacterial infection.
  • Laser treatment such as LAPIP to remove affected tissue and destroy bacteria.
  • Bone grafting or gum regeneration

The types of treatments used will depend on the extent of the inflammation and will vary from case to case. Your doctor will explain which options are best for your situation.

Get the Treatment You Need

If you have had a dental implant procedure and are experiencing unusual or uncomfortable changes, it is important not to wait for a professional examination. 

Periodontal Associates has been serving the Charleston, SC area since 1968 with compassion, experience, and dedication. 

Our doctors are committed to providing exceptional care for all your periodontal needs. Schedule your consultation online or call (843) 571-0853 today, to discuss your implant challenges and get you back to everyday life.

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