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Wilckodontics (PAOO) in Charleston, SC

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Dr. Edward T. Murphy is a certified provider of the Wilckodontics treatment. Wilckodontics, otherwise known as AOO or PAOO (Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics), is a procedure used to assist in decreasing the amount of time spent in braces and to increase the bone density of areas surrounding the teeth.

Many times, orthodontic movement of teeth can cause bone around the teeth to deteriorate a little, or thin out. This can lead to periodontal problems later in life.

Advances in orthodontics have only involved the crown of the tooth, resulting in treatment that takes 1-3 years to complete. PAOO uses the dynamics of bone physiology and directs the emphasis of tooth movement to the manner in which the supporting bone responds to the movement.

By stimulating living bone, teeth can be adjusted much more quickly. When movement is complete, the bone around the roots of the teeth will rebuild itself.

Patients ultimately end up with more bone structure surrounding the teeth than was present before treatment. More bone structure equals increased stability and better oral health.

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