The ADA Now Suggests Using Fluoride With Baby’s First Tooth

For years we have been told to limit fluoride intake in children under six years old and not to give any to children under two years old. The ADA is now suggesting that fluoride toothpaste should be used on babies as soon as they get their first tooth.
Staggering amounts of children under age 5 are being treated for multiple cavities – some as many as 15 cavities.
Fluoride helps to strengthen teeth and fight decay to prevent cavities. Even with its benefits, fluoride does have its drawbacks.
If excessive amounts are ingested by children it can result in fluorosis of the teeth. Fluorosis can cause discoloration or stains on the teeth. These discolorations range from small white specks to large white blotches to its most severe form of brown spots.
Brushing your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste is not to blame- so keep using it. The ingestion of excessive amounts of fluoride is the cause. So be sure to have your children spit when they brush their teeth and don’t use fluoridated mouth wash until your child is able to rinse without swallowing.


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