Tiny Toothbrush To Change How We All Clean Our Teeth.

Many of us believe that the harder we brush, the cleaner our teeth will become. Not only is that wrong, but it is detrimental to the health of our teeth. 
Brushing your teeth too hard wears down the enamel and damages your gums. 
A lot of people hold their toothbrush in their fist, and feverishly scrub away at their teeth for a few minutes, mindlessly movig the toothbrush all over. People have stopped thinking about what they are doing and go into auto-pilot mode. 
Enter the tiny Toof-inger toothbrush. Not only is it compact, easy to travel with and super cute, it is also an effective way of lessening the pressure we put on our teeth. Since this tiny toothbrush is half the length of a normal one, it can only be held in two fingers (instead of a fist). This two finger hold ensures that excessive force cannot be used while brushing teeth.



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