Weather And Pollen Allergies Can Affect Your Teeth

With the change of season comes a welcome change in temperature and atmosphere. Consequently, this can also spell trouble for sensitive teeth or those of us with seasonal allergies.
Breathing in cold air can send a shock right through you as it hits your teeth in the winter.
In spring, when pollen is falling from the sky like snow, those who suffer from seasonal allergies will be miserable too. Not only from all of the sneezing, coughing and watery eyes- allergens can make the sinus cavity swell which puts added pressure on your teeth. This added pressure feels like you have a terrible toothache- this will mostly be felt in the back of the mouth above the upper molars. The pain can be especially bad if a sinus infection is involved.
If you experience any tooth pain, you still need to see a dentist to rule out any possibility of oral infection.
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